Quality fertilizer from food waste

When we recycle your waste we do it locally.  For London that means that you can now purchase locally produced organic fertilizer.

What makes our fertilizer different?

We produce high quality organic fertilizer from kitchen and catering waste.
Fertilizer is produced organically using only aerobic bacteria without any chemicals involved.
As the compost is produced from human food it is the richest organic (non-chemical) fertilizer that you can find in the market.  The fertilizer is PAS100 quality standard. We have added some photos so that you can see the fertiliser’s extraordinary performance.
You will find small bone pieces and eggshell pieces within the compost. Nothing wrong with that, just evidence that our fertilizer is produced from real food! Full satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.
Buying this fertilizer you are not only getting a top quality material but contributing to create a more sustainable London.
Quantum Waste markets its fertilizer under the “National Fertilizer” brand.


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