Disadvantages of current processing

£ multi-million investments in high-end processing plants that often require substantial government subsidies.

Long road journeys using conventional fuels – this generates high transportation costs and negates carbon footprint advances made elsewhere in the process.

Collections take place regardless of how full your bins are – this is where many waste management companies make their money at the expense of sustainability.

Customers are often tied into rigid long-term contracts that lead to inefficiencies in economies
of scale.

The globalization of waste management puts size of profit ahead of genuine community responsibility, which undermines true long-term sustainability.

Did you know that

Photosynthesis captures the energy from the sun and stores it in our food (the calories we eat):  Energy, Water & CO2 in,  Oxygen out


Did you know that

Composting is the inverse process of photosynthesis:  Oxygen in, Energy, Water & CO2 out