The Requirements of a New Business

Farmstand selected Quantum Waste as its recycling partner of choice based on our social and environmental credentials.

Opened in January 2016 in Covent Garden (42 Drury Street, WC2B 5RT) Farmstand is a fellow member of the SRA (Sustainable Restaurants Association) and has positioned itself at the forefront of sustainability, both with the products that they offer : only organic, gluten free, diary free, free range (and TASTY!) meals but also in the way they handle operations ( carefully selected suppliers, recyclable and biodegradable containers, seasonal products, etc…).

Quantum Waste is proud to have been involved with Farmstand from day one and we even had the opportunity to provide advice with collection logistics and the labeling of customers’ bins: the dual “food waste” and “everything else” system cannot make it any easier. Also the flexible collection of waste bags from within Farmstand premises and a single type of transparent bag to be used for all waste streams simplify the logistics so that Tom, Garret and their team can focus on providing excellent quality food.

Farmstand has been a instant success and Quantum Waste is pleased to support them doing our bit.