Benefits to our clients

We offer a one stop solution for all your waste management needs.

We offer a local service driven by local persons. You can always talk to us to provide us with feedback or just to let us know how you would like to work with us.

Our operation is extremely simple which means that we are also flexible.

You will be assigned a relationship manager who will collect your waste personally and will also deal with all your waste management requirements. This means that somebody you know and that you can contact directly is scheduled to pass by your premises on a regular basis. We are here to help so please do not hesitate to tell us how we can assist you.

We offer a simplified dual collection system: ``Food Waste`` & ``Everything Else`` making much easier for your to understand what can go where.

We collect transparent bags from a single container which means that you can save the space occupied by different types of containers.

We are vertically integrated which means that we collect, treat and recycle all our waste. This improves traceability and you can always know what is happening with your waste.

Because we recycle we are interested in you doing a good sorting job. We involve ourselves in providing the appropriate training to your staff so that their job is easy and the morale improved knowing that they are dealing with their waste the best way they possibly can.

We own and fund our technology. As we do not need project financing from the banks we do not need long term contracts from our customers. You can come in and out from our service on short notice.

We operate using ISO methodologies to meet standards of quality and the environment. We are fully insured.

We use small vehicles which means that we can access locations that big trucks cannot reach.

We offer a performance guarantee. If at any point you think that we let you down we will make it up by withdrawing the relevant invoice. You are happy or your money back!

Being local not only means that we are close to you. It also means that you are also close to us. That can be extremely valuable when the unexpected happens.

No advance payments. We only charge you after the service has been completed.

There are no intermediaries: The money that you pay goes directly to the person that process your waste. Your relationship manager does in turn pay Quantum Waste a fee to ensure the service availability and a suitable back up if required.

You can use your own transparent bags so you do not have to buy set amounts in advance, make prepayments or worry if they get lost.

We offer heavily discounted temporary trials so that you can be sure that our work reaches the highest standards and that our recycling systems meet your requirements.

We provide the most environmentally sustainable solution available in the market. By working with Quantum Waste both you and your customers know that you are dealing with your waste in the best possible way.


Did you know that

Aerobic bacteria are 18 times faster and more efficient at digesting organic matter than anaerobic bacteria 


Did you know that

Aerobic bacteria is not only faster but also much more resilient… after all anaerobic bacteria never went beyond being monocelular beings. We are all aerobic!