Advantages of Quantum Waste

Top Value

Transparent per bag pricing system – no hidden extras.

No middlemen, no multimillion plant investment.

Qube units are constructed from recycled materials - low cost, low maintenance, recycled and recyclable.

Shorter local journeys further reducing fossil fuel consumption and associated costs.

User Friendly

Just two types of recyclable bags (``food waste`` & ``everything else``) collected from your door from a single bin.

Small depots, hand-picked local teams, low overheads, high efficiency.

Flexible by-the-bag collections, made when YOU need them – you pay only for the bags that we actually collect.

Try before you buy – free extendable trial period prior to flexible contract.

Sustainable environment & Sustainable communities

Qube: breakthrough technology which produces farm-quality dry organic fertilizer from your food waste in a continuous process.

Qube-generated organic fertilizer is ploughed back into the soil by local crop farmers in a zero emissions sustainable cycle.

Locally-focused, community-friendly, technologically advanced.

Recyclable waste sorted and transported directly to final consumer.

Local, Social & Environmental


Did you know that

Food Waste is more than 70% Water… Hence transporting food waste is a waste of energy

Did you know that

Of the solid Fraction more than 70% is carbon and oxygen… Hence only a small part is nutrients.  Transporting organic fertilizer over long distances is not efficient