The science behind the Qube

The Qube employs quantum principles to harness nature’s power to break up organic matter into its basic components: heat and nutrients. The compact size of each Qube (~1m3) facilitates natural composting of organic matter by improving the monitoring and modification of the process parameters. Closed environment aerobic conditions expel CO2 and water vapour and reduce the weight of the waste matter by more than 50, thus avoiding problems with unpleasant seepage.

The Qube virtually eliminates social problems usually associated with the processing of organic waste – smell and vermin, and produces a high grade dry organic fertilizer in a relatively short timescale. The technology that drives the Qube is reliable and financially competitive when measured against existing large-scale collection and disposal methods.

Circle of Life

An artistic view of our work.

Competitive logistics - segregated collection and treatment of organic waste, close to where the waste is generated, minimises or even removes transportation costs.

Revenue creation - organic waste is transformed into fertilizer and heat: two elemental components which create monetary value.

Process integration - Quantum Waste technology works seamlessly with existing organic waste collection and disposal practices.

Improved recycling rates - segregation of organic waste maximises recycling rates and landfill diversion . Surveys consistently show that organic waste collection is popular with the public.

Local employment and business creation - our decentralised business model creates qualified and non-qualified job roles and franchise opportunities.

Environmental impact - our breakthrough technology significantly reduces the emission of green house gases associated with the decay of organic matter – in fact the entire collection, processing and distribution cycle is chemical-free.