Investment for Jenson Seed EIS Fund

25 Jun 2014

Investment for Jenson Seed EIS Fund

June 25, 2014Uncategorized

We are pleased to announce the investment by the Jenson Seed EIS Fund into Quantum Waste.

Quantum Waste is a vertically integrated waste management company (collection, treatment and delivery of fertilizer and recycled materials). Quantum Waste has developed a decentralized composting technology that together with its operational approach allows it to collect and process all waste streams locally, minimizing transportation time, administrative processes and upfront investment requirements.

The team consists of Javier Rojo – Director and Natalia Pasynok – Finance & Administration, with Eugenio Torres and David Cendón supporting the technical work.

Quantum Waste sees waste not as a problem but as part of the solution: an opportunity to create local jobs and local industries. Quantum Waste is creating more sustainable practices and reducing the environmental and financial costs of handling waste. They combine the latest technologies with the care that only people can provide. Their goal is to be the local waste service provider with a face that customers can rely on, beyond collecting their waste in the most sustainable way.

Further information about Quantum Waste can be found at

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