Recycling and Reliability. Show must go on!

Vinesh Patel is a visionary. A relentless drive to succeed in the face of new challenges took him to switch a successful career in engineering and finance to opening a successful chain of Subway restaurants in London (admittedly they were not successful from the beginning but it was Vinesh’s vision and creativity that made them eventually succeed).

Bringing Quantum Waste on board was based on multiple requirements:

1.Ability to recycle customer’s waste with the “single bag” system used in Subway restaurants.

2.The need to find a reliable waste management company that could collect waste from inside the stores to avoid unsightly bags hanging around at the front door while awaiting collection.

3.Reliability to perform up to 6 collections a week . Quantum Waste one man an a van collection service can deliver a high degree of reliability and direct access to the driver to get service updates.

For Quantum Waste working with Subway is a pleasure. The kitchen successfully sorts out food waste at the preparation stage and customer’s rarely throw any food away anyway 🙂 The rest of the waste streams are mostly clean paper wrappings that are fast and easy to recycle with minimal or no amounts of glass or metals. Easy for our people to recover everything.

Subway has over 41,000 locations worldwide since launching in 1965. Forbes estimates that Subway’s annual sales total around $20bn and serves about 7.6 million subs every day. Quantum Waste aspires to be that successful one day!