Herne Hill Forum

Working with local businesses and winning their confidence one at a time

The Herne Hill Forum is a neighbours and volunteers led development initiative for the Herne Hill Area.  They had been trying to implement a new waste management and recycling initiative in their neighbourhood for some time… that was until they met Quantum Waste.  We helped to make plans into reality!Herne Hill photos

The Forum had very clear ideas on what it wanted to achieve with the new Waste Collective:

-Provide full recycling opportunities, including food and plastic waste, for all businesses, large and small

-Daily collections, seven days a week.

-Door to door service

-Clean streets.  No wheelie bins on the pavement


Quantum Waste was able to deliver the service but we needed help to sign up the local businesses.  This is where the Forum excelled.  We are very thankful to Lucy, Charlotte, Tricia, George and Giles for their help and continued efforts to communicate what the Waste Collective meant and what we were trying to achieve.

The Forum support has been key to convince business owners to change their “business as usual” and get rid of their long term waste management contracts.

This is still work in progress but anyone visiting Hern Hill now will see what we are achieving already.

Herne Hill Waste Collective.  Clearing the way!


Herne Hill before QWHerne Hill Blocked Streets with Rubbish


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