London Cooking Project

A variable waste management service that adapts to our customer’s changing calendar of events

The London Cooking Project is a collaboration around excellent food and it was one of those customers that trusted us from the beginning  (In the beginning they were called the London Kitchen Project!)

The London Cooking Project is an exciting private social enterprise in Battersea that works to provide opportunities to develop and nurture young talent in the field and is committed to benefiting the local community.  Quantum Waste is happy to be part of the team and is fully committed to the same objectives

The London Cooking Project has kitchen space, a large dining area and runs a variety of events on a regular basis.  Working with Quantum Waste makes their recycling easy with our proverbial two bags system (“food waste” and “everything else”) that saves kitchen space and is easy to understand even for visiting chefs.  Our invoice system only charges for the waste that you produce and that is also a good fit to the London Cooking Project varying waste production profile driven by seasonal changes and the calendar of events in a given month.

You can learn more about the London Cooking Project here:

And remember, if you want to impress your friends you can rent their kitchen and dining area and house all your friends under the same roof!

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