Pop Brixton

Coordinating the recycling of multiple tenants with different waste production profiles and waste streams is only possible by Quantum Waste personal approach to recycling

Pop Brixton caught us off guard when we started working with them.  It was an instant success and with great success comes… lots of bags that need recycling.

For a couple of weeks we struggled to find enough wheelie bins to accommodate the volumes produced and we had to go from 3 to 4 and then to 5 and 6 collections per week.  We are always pleased to work hard for our customers as that means that they are doing well.  And we always know how our customers are doing… we count their waste bags.

Pop Brixton is hard to define in a few words as it is many things at once.  We could say that Pop Brixton, above all, is a project to support local jobs, training and enterprise.  And, in that regard, it would be difficult for them to justify a better recycling partner than Quantum Waste.

Recycling is built into Pop Brixton’s DNA.  So much that the whole project is built on recycled shipping containers and all Pop Brixton tenants commit to recycling from the moment the sign up their leases.

Pop Brixton comes with a diversity of tenants that range from restaurants and food stands to retail shops and office space, and of course the public!  Quantum Waste knows every tenant and is able to provide feedback  and ideas to make recycling better.  Thank you to all those involved in Pop Brixton for their continued support to achieve better recycling standards.

Pop Brixton