The Dysart

Looking for a better system

The Dysart is a family owned and run premier restaurant that is catering for the most discerning customers (we can tell because we cannot find food tins in the waste stream and the wine bottles are vintage!)

Obviously waste management had to meet the same standards and The Dysart was not getting the support, feedback and flexibility that they needed from traditional “compactor truck” crews.   Also, food waste was not being recycled which was a source disappointment for all parties involved.

Switching to Quantum Waste meant that The Dysart has now a dedicated person that can be directly contacted and that provides feedback on the most efficient ways to recycle.

Quantum Waste also provided enough wheelie bins to minimize the number of waste collections required.

We played at the beginning with different ways of sorting out the waste in order to maximize recycling rates for The Dysart while at the same time making it workable and efficient.

The Dysart provides us now with some really good quality bags that are easy to recycle. Thank you.


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