Quantum Waste Saves Energy

06 Feb 2016

Quantum Waste Saves Energy

February 06, 2016Uncategorized

Recycling saves energy, right? Well yes, up to a point. But traditional recycling methods also consume a lot of energy, limiting their environmental benefits. Quantum Waste is a company that believes that thinking small is the way to make a big difference.

Why is Quantum Waste different?

The idea is to recycle locally, so we can use smaller vehicles to run shorter distances to local depots and deal with waste manually. Put that all together and it means a lower carbon footprint and higher recovery rates.

Traditionally waste is compacted, and it’s like a spring so you have to press it and press it and that uses energy. Then you send it to a processing facility a long way away. Our local, decentralised system removes all those layers and energy consumption requirements. Local, Simple and Sustainable.