The Qube: Waste recycling technology with a difference

03 Sep 2015

The Qube: Waste recycling technology with a difference

September 03, 2015Uncategorized


Quantum Waste has come up with a new technological solution called the Qube which breaks up waste. Meanwhile the company provides local treatment, light vehicles, and an efficient production cycle which benefits the environment through reduced carbon emissions.

Waste is collected from businesses in two forms, namely food waste and everything else, making it a practical and efficient option. This bypasses other waste collection services which often involves waste travelling long distances at large economic and environmental expense. The waste is transported by small vehicles to local plants in Deptford (less than 10miles/16Km away) where it is sorted manually. The Qube uses closed environment aerobic conditions which expel CO2 and water vapour thereby reducing the weight by over 50 per cent and resulting in a high grade dry organic fertilliser. Quantum Waste collects, processes and delivers all waste making them a vertical waste management scheme with a green business model. Run by scientists, engineers and climate change experts and currently operating in London, Quantum Waste is a one-stop, non-stop, zero carbon waste innovation.

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A big part of Quantum Waste is their community focus, which centres on manual work, training and local people. Many manual jobs have been lost to technology but Quantum Waste puts people at the forefront of its operation as even the waste itself is collected by the same people, building a relationship up with clients. The work is labour intensive with helps tackle unemployment, whilst the technology has no moving parts which makes plants small and processing clean and efficient. Local treatment, light vehicles, less fuel and an efficient production cycle benefits the environment through reduced carbon emissions. QW is a self-funded enterprise, refusing to use long term contracts or advanced payments. Depots are rented, contracts can be cancelled and free trial periods offered, which makes for a flexible business which can adapt to a changing consumer needs. The combination of high tech technology, competitive logistics and manual skill makes Quantum Waste socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.


Two clients using QW to great effect are CrossRail ( and Imperial College London ( There are plans to expand in the private sector as the solutions can be used by all types of business, and there is increasing demand for effective environmentally sound waste solutions. Equally, plans to open more   depots closer to customers are on the horizon as this will further decrease the distance the waste travels. Last year over 10,000 bags of waste were collected and approximately 16 Tonnes of food waste and 10 Tonnes of organic fertilizer recovered which makes for a viable organisation. Bags (120 litres) are charged at £1.50 (2 Euro) alongside collection charges £3-£10 (4-12 Euro).


Quantum Waste is committed to compliance with the ISO 14001 standards and to maintain efforts to achieve continual improvement in the environmental performance of the Company. Their approach centres on dialogue between employees, customers, suppliers, contractors in order to foster environmental objectives whilst promoting good practise. Policy within the company is constantly reviewed through audit and assessment to ensure compliance with Environmental Policy, relevant environmental legislation and the requirements of the Company.