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Advantages of Quantum Waste

Top Value

Transparent per-bag pricing system with no hidden extras.

No middlemen, no multimillion plant investment.

Shorter local journeys further reducing fossil fuel consumption and associated costs.

Small depots, hand-picked local teams, low overheads, high efficiency.

User Friendly

Just two types of recyclable bags (food waste and everything else) collected from your door from a single bin. Our customers need fewer bins inside and outside saving valuable space.

Flexible waste collections when and where you need them.

We charge only for the bags that we actually collect.

Free trial period prior to a flexible contract.

Sustainable for Environment and Community

Manual sorting recovers more recyclable materials.

Recyclable waste sorted, processed and transported directly to final consumer.

Separating food waste from everything else diverts a valuable raw material from incineration.

Our way of working offers local jobs for people who need them.

Local, Social & Environmental

Did you know that
Food Waste is more than 70% Water... Hence transporting food waste is a waste of energy


Did you know that
Of the solid Fraction more than 70% is carbon and oxygen... Hence only a small part is nutrients. Transporting organic fertilizer over long distances is not efficient

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