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What Quantum Waste can do for you

Quantum Waste provides a one-stop solution for all your waste management needs.

We offer a local service driven by local people. With Quantum Waste you will know your waste collector and will be able to contact them directly when you need to.

Our operation is simple and flexible. Tell us your requirements and we will provide a tailored solution.

We offer a simplified dual collection system: “Food Waste” and “Everything Else”, making it much easier for you to separate waste. We collect transparent bags from a single container which means that you can save space occupied by different types of bins.

We are vertically integrated which means that we collect, treat and recycle all waste ourselves.

Our staff are trained to recycle as much waste as possible. Our company structure rewards good work.

We own and fund our technology. Because we do not need project financing from banks we also do not need long term contracts from our customers.

We use small vehicles and can access locations which large lorries struggle to reach.

We like to keep our customers happy. Talk to us if something is not quite right and we will do our best to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

There are no intermediaries. The money you pay goes directly to our team.

We offer discounted trials so that you can be sure that our recycling system meets your requirements.

We provide the most environmentally sustainable solution available on the market. By working with Quantum Waste both you and your customers know that you are dealing with your waste in the best possible way.


Did you know that

Aerobic bacteria are 18 times faster and more efficient at digesting organic matter than anaerobic bacteria


Did you know that

Aerobic bacteria are not only faster but also much more resilient... after all anaerobic bacteria never went beyond being monocellular beings. We are all aerobic!

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