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What Quantum Waste does for the environment

Lighter vehicles and local treatment equals less fuel and lower carbon emissions.

Simplified collections and better sorting means more recycling.

We do not use compacting trucks. Glass and packaging is not crushed enabling higher recycling rates.

We divert food waste from incineration/landfill preserving valuable nutrients for biogas and fertilizer.

Our carbon footprint is the industry’s lowest.


Did you know that

...traditional large-scale projects increase the environmental impact of waste by concentrating big amounts at a single location.

Did you know that

...the development of large-scale waste management projects involves consultants, surveyors, solicitors, process engineers, lawyers, administrators and bankers all of whom add on the cost of waste management before any waste treatment has even started.

Did you know that waste is rich in nutrients and contains all the fundamental nutritional blocks including Nitrogen, Sodium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, etc.

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