A fresh look at waste collections and recycling.

Quantum Waste make it possible to collect and process waste locally in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Get in touch to find out how Quantum Waste can transform your waste management.







Less Energy

Less Energy
More Recycling

Local collections and treatment mean lighter vehicles and fewer miles. Lower fuel consumption means lower carbon emissions. It all helps in the fight against climate change.

Quantum Waste creates local jobs for local people. Our integrated service means that the same person collects and treats your waste. Eliminating overheads allows us to pay London living wage to all our staff.

Our integrated one-stop in-house waste management solution with lighter vehicles, lower fuel consumption and lower capital requirements keeps our costs down.

We offer a one-stop solution for sorting and recycling of most materials. We deal with your waste with a lower energy consumption than any other technology available.

About Quantum Waste

Quantum Waste is a vertically integrated waste management company run by scientists, engineers and climate change investment experts. At the heart of our operations is the Qube: a mobile, sustainable, decentralised, aerobic composting system which brings recycling technology closer to your waste. The Qube is a leap forward in organic waste processing. It transforms food waste into organic fertilizer and delivers significant social, environmental and commercial advantages. Aside from food waste we also collect all other types of waste and recycle it into raw materials.

Local Quantum Waste depots are able to run one-stop, non-stop, zero carbon waste processing operations which minimise transportation time and costs, enable more flexible and efficient waste collections while keeping a low carbon footprint and high recycling rates. Quantum Waste’s system virtually eliminates the need for expensive upfront investment in complex large-scale plants and creates local employment for people who need it.

We hope that one day all organic waste will be processed this way – sustainably within local communities. Lead the change and make the Quantum leap now.