The team

Investors, engineers and entrepreneurs

Who we are

We are a group of investors, engineers and entrepreneurs who are concerned by social changes and the environment. We have firsthand experience of big corporations and of the effects of globalization. We want to use those experiences to promote local and more sustainable solutions.

For us, Waste is not a problem but rather part of the Solution to mitigate environmental degradation and unemployment levels.

How we work

We have a can-do attitude. We work hard in order to achieve great results. We believe in environmental and social causes. We understand technology but we are also happy to do manual work. We treasure long-term relationships.

What we believe in

We believe that population has been growing faster than our ability to mitigate our environmental impacts. We believe that wealth is increasingly concentrated in fewer hands, that the social security system is under threat and that despite technology developments and increases in productivity people are seeing their entitlements reduced and are having to work longer hours and for longer years (at least those lucky enough to have a job).

We believe that committed people can still compete effectively with machinery when it is about dealing with complex operations.

We believe in flat organizations where people are trained and empowered to do their jobs. We believe that fair incentive systems and clear guidance on quality requirements can minimize the need for management layers, allocating the rewards to those who do the work and translating into savings for our customers.
We believe that local activity will in turn bring local innovation and further activities that will translate in more jobs and more business. We believe that technology and ingenuity can resolve many of our existing problems.

We also believe that technology has to be applied in the right doses not to create new problems in addition to the ones we are trying to resolve. People are at the centre of what we do. We believe that the simplest solutions are best.

Meet the team

Javier Rojo

General Manager
Javier Rojo has a Master's degree in Civil Engineering and 15 years of experience in engineering, project and business management.
Before founding Quantum Waste, Javier worked as an investment manager at Climate Change Capital and was a member of the Lehman Brothers Corporate Finance and M&A team. Javier also holds an MBA from New York University and is a Fulbright Scholar.

Natalia Pasynok

Consultant Director of Finance and Administration
Natalia has a degree in Economics and 17 years of experience in accounting and investment banking.
Before joining to Quantum Waste, Natalia was a Senior Vice President at Bank of America Merrill Lynch and a research analyst at Morgan Stanley.

Eugenio Torres

Technology Advisor
Eugenio has worked as a technical industrial engineer since 1997. He specializas in electricity management and industrial electronic intensification.
Eugenio has experience in designing, mounting and maintaining electrical installations and electronic equipment. In his previous employment Eugenio was responsible for the automation and maintenance of sewage treatment plans and irrigation systems.

David Cendón

Technology Advisor
David's impressive CV includes a PhD and working as a professor of physics at the civil engineering school Polytechnic University of Madrid.
He is also the author of 18 scientific papers in peer reviewed international journals of the SCI and more than 50 communications presented at national and international conferences and congresses. He has participated in 25 research projects (as principal investigator in three of them) funded by Spanish Regional and National programs, the European Union, the European Defence Agency, NATO and industrial entities.
His other achievements include acting as Secretary of the Materials Science Department (2003-2009) and as
Expert Evaluator of the Spanish National Program of Fundamental Research Projects.

Eva Bockova

General Administration Manager
Eva grew up in the Czech Republic and has a degree in English and German. She worked for Kodak as well as a teacher, a translator and an events organiser before joining Quantum Waste. Her hobbies include photography and keeping exotic pets.

Luis Ortega

Recycling Manager
Luis Ortega joined Quantum Waste in October 2015. Luis is a man on a mission: A hard working and resourceful professional during the week: you will not find anyone faster shifting bags around. However, his real vocation comes to life at the weekends when he leads an evangelical community.
With his a background in IT Luis can help you resolve technical or computer problems, but also, more importantly, you can reach out to him if you feel troubled or need some spiritual guidance.

Jesus Valencia

Recycling Manager

Jesus Valencia joined Quantum Waste in February 2016 after arriving in London with his family.
Jesus has an entrepreneurial spirit. He used to have his own telephone card distribution business. Technology has moved forward and the arrival of internet meant that telephone cards were not needed any more. Jesus joined Quantum Waste with a can-do attitude and he is acutely aware of the importance of keeping pace with innovation…at Quantum Waste he is never going to be short of opportunities for that.