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Disadvantages of the current model

Not possible without multi-million investments in high-end processing plants which often also require substantial government subsidies.

Long journeys using conventional fuels generate high transportation costs and negate carbon footprint reductions made elsewhere in the process.

Collections take place regardless of how full your bins are. This is how many waste management companies make their money at the expense of sustainability.

Customers are often tied into rigid long-term contracts which produce inefficiencies typical for economies of scale.

Globalisation of waste management puts size of profit ahead of genuine community responsibility which undermines true long-term sustainability.

Did you know that

…photosynthesis captures the energy from the sun and stores it in our food (the calories we eat): energy + water + CO2 in, oxygen out

Did you know that

…composting is the inverse process of photosynthesis: Oxygen in, Energy, Water & CO2 out

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