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When you talk about local processing and local depots how do you define this? Within x miles of the business’ site or in some other way?

Our approach is local but not in your doorstep. Most people do not have the space or the desire to deal with waste on site. We are currently operating in London from Deptford which means that right now Local means less than 10 miles away but our ambition is to reduce this distance further over time by opening a network of 5 to 10 locations throughout London.

Do you rent these local depots and do you ever move between areas or are there a number of fixed processing sites?

We rent the depots where we install our technology which means that we can always get closer to our customers.

In terms of employing local people how have you established this e.g. through charities or advertising in local papers, websites etc? Again, how do you define local as a business?

We aim to work with local people so that they can spend time working and not commuting. We work with people like St. Mungo's who train disadvantaged people and can provide us with a quality supply of human resources.

In terms of waste collection from businesses do you charge per bag collected or per weight or by another rate? What is the frequency of collection that you can offer?

Tipically, we charge per bag. We charge £1.3-£1.5 per large 110 liters bag of either food waste or everything else. We also charge a collection fee of £5 to £15 that depends on your location and waste volumes. Frequency of collections is to be discussed but with our online booking system it is possible to arrange collections on demand. Once we get to know your business, we can also agree fixed price packages.

Do you provide the business with bins as well and if so what is the charge for this?

Typically people use with us the bins that they already have and they can put all their bags in a single bin. We require using transparent bags so that we can easily identify what is in them. However, if you do not already own any bins we will be happy to deliver a number of suitable bins free of charge depending on your requirements.

Are there any additional charges associated with the service e.g. for Duty of Care documents or Waste Transfer Notes?

No, we provide all the documents, training, advice and waste statistics as part of the service.

Is there a fixed contract period?

No, we just need one month notice AND we can offer a 1 week free trial period for prospective customers!

Corporate Policies

Quantum Waste is committed to support the environment and the well being of our people and the society as a whole. Quantum Waste operates an equal opportunity policy. We include here our corporate policies that summarize our commitments.

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