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If you thought separating waste was complicated…

July 12, 2019

Spare a thought for the citizens of Shanghai. This article, recently published in the Guardian, describes 
the complexities of separating waste in the city. Quantum Waste are thrilled abut this particular piece 
of advice:

“Residents have also come up with a rule of thumb to make categorising waste simpler. If a pig can eat 
it, it goes into the wet bin. If a pig cannot, it is dry waste. If a pig is likely to die from eating it, 
the waste is hazardous. If you could sell it and buy a pig with the funds, it is recyclable waste.

One user wrote on Weibo, laying out the unofficial guidance: “Just think about how a pig feels, 
and all trash can be sorted correctly.” Lily Kuo, The Guardina online, 12 July 2019,

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