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The US's Leap in Renewable Energy: Achieving Over 40% Carbon-Free Power in 2022

November 23, 2023

A significant move in the US saw over 40% of its total energy output coming from carbon-free 
sources in 2022, marking an all-time high. This achievement, driven by a substantial increase in 
renewable energy like wind and solar, is in line with Quantum Waste's ethos of promoting sustainable 
and renewable energy practices. Quantum Waste practices less energy in more recycling. Quantum 
Waste offers a one-stop solution for sorting and recycling of most materials. They process your waste 
using less energy than any other technology available. Also, they use small vehicles and can access 
locations which large lorries struggle to reach. Lighter vehicles and local treatment equals less fuel and 
lower carbon emissions making their carbon footprint the lowest in the industry.

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