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Increased coverage of food waste by mainstream press

February 11, 2015

Food waste has increasingly been covered by the mainstream press over the past year, and it is only
going to become more important:

“Profiting from food waste is no longer just for bin divers” – The Telegraph – September 2013
“Hitting food waste targets would save Europe £62bn a year” – The Grocer – January 2014
“Retailers and suppliers join forces in new war on food waste” – The Grocer – November 2014
“Parliamentary group calls for UK waste sector reform”
-Packaging News – November 2014
“Ministers to crackdown on food waste in summit with supermarkets” – The Spectator – December 2014
“The packaging bump that could cut a 4m tonne mountain of UK food waste” – The Guardian – January 2015
Food and hospitality businesses, large and small, are coming to realise the opportunities that food 
waste presents and are actively seeking suppliers and solutions to help them turn waste into profit 
and improve their sustainability credentials.

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