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Veolia calls on government to escalate Plastic Packaging Tax

Veolia calls on government to escalate Plastic Packaging Tax

April 08, 2024

The news about Veolia's call for the government to escalate the Plastic Packaging Tax sheds light on 
the urgent need for stronger incentives to promote the use of recycled materials in plastic packaging. 
This development presents both challenges and opportunities for our business.

On one hand, Veolia's advocacy for increasing the tax underscores the growing importance of 
sustainability and environmental stewardship in the industry. It reflects a broader trend where 
consumers, businesses, and governments are increasingly prioritizing eco-friendly practices and 
solutions. At Quantum Waste, we promote sustainable waste management practices and offer 
innovative recycling solutions to meet evolving market demands.

On the other hand, the proposed tax escalation poses potential challenges, particularly in terms of 
compliance and operational adjustments. As the tax rate increases, businesses may face higher costs, 
potentially impacting their bottom line. However, this also presents an opportunity for us to position 
ourselves as a strategic partner, offering cost-effective recycling services and helping businesses 
navigate the transition to a more sustainable packaging model.

We can leverage this development to strengthen our advocacy efforts for sustainable waste 
management practices and engage with stakeholders to promote the adoption of recycled materials 
in packaging. By staying proactive and adaptable, we can position ourselves as a leader in the industry 
and contribute to the collective goal of building a greener, more sustainable future.


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