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Innovative Solar Solutions in the Netherlands: Transforming Waste Hills into Energy Sources

January 23, 2023

The Netherlands has emerged as Europe's solar power leader, finding innovative solutions for 
renewable energy capacity. This includes utilizing a 25-meter-tall hill of household and business waste 
covered in solar panels, generating electricity for about 2,500 households. This example highlights the 
creative use of space and resources, a practice that aligns with Quantum Waste's commitment to 
environmental sustainability. Quantum Waste offer a simplified dual collection system: “Food Waste” 
and “Everything Else”, making it much easier for you to separate waste. We collect transparent bags 
from a single container which means that you can save space occupied by different types of bins. 
Quantum Waste does not use compacting trucks. Glass and packaging is not crushed enabling higher 
recycling rates.

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