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Norway's Pioneering Fyllingsdalstunnelen: Leading the Way to a Car-Free Future

April 21, 2023

In the heart of Norway, the city of Bergen eagerly anticipates the opening of the 
Fyllingsdalstunnelen, the longest tunnel in the world designed exclusively for pedestrians 
and cyclists. Spanning an impressive 2.9 kilometres, this tunnel is a testament to 
Norway's commitment to promoting sustainable urban mobility and reducing reliance on cars. 
This pioneering project aligns seamlessly with Quantum Waste's mission to minimize environmental 
impact through innovative approaches. Quantum Waste’s adoption of small, nimble vehicles, capable 
of navigating tight urban spaces that larger lorries cannot, exemplifies this commitment. By utilizing 
these lighter vehicles and focusing on local treatment, Quantum Waste significantly reduces fuel 
consumption, leading to a substantial decrease in carbon emissions. This strategy not only 
demonstrates the company's dedication to eco-friendly practices but also positions Quantum Waste as 
a leader in the industry with one of the lowest carbon footprints. 

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